Handcrafted Jewelry, One of a Kind Nauti-Beach-Boho styles!

Hieroglyphic Black Leather beaded wrap bracelet - Size 5 or 7 (see below) (#WR04)

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Adjustable size black wrap bracelet.  One of a kind - black leather with black, green and white/copper-gold tone glass beads, base metal charms and nautical knots with a hieroglyphic weathered silver plated copper button for closure.  To determine your size, wrap a string around your wrist where you would like the bracelet to sit and record that length for a snug fit.  Allow for 1/4" for each wrap to fit comfortably loose. 

Size 5 = 6 wraps

Size 7 = 5 wraps

NOTE:  All leather will eventually show signs of wear.  In order to maintain and extend the quality of this product it is highly recommended that you do not immerse this piece in water as the leather will wear significantly faster.