I often hear that my customers would like to be able to send 'hints' to significant others/family/friends to purchase something they fell in love with on a website.  I have enabled you to do so here.   COPY #1-3 in bold below then go to my "Contact Me" page and PASTE the following into the NOTE section, filling in the information before sending it to me:

1) NAME + EMAIL of the person you would like to be informed of your 'wish list' from Sailor Beads:

2) The SKU #, size (if applicable) and description of the item or items from my website:

3) The DATE of your gifting event  (birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or any other event):

With this information I can inform your 'person(s)' of your interest in an item or items without you having to do so directly to them.

Thanks for your interest in this option!

Sailor Beads, LLC

(aka...Captain Sue)